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Widgets, Widgets, Widgets (Patch 14)

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I'm working on the widget manager right now, this will likely be a long one, but should pay off nicely. For instance, we should be able to get rid of that blank space on the right on this instance when you're using Nox.


This is a fairly rough draft, but it's a bit of progress.
For widgets, I have a few ideas. For instance, the WOL Context Widget to make people feel a little less lonely in the topic pages, so they can tell that people are viewing their topics.

And also the Search and Filter Widget for the topic list which should help people to narrow topics down by keyword, forum / s, etc.
Widgets are a lengthy but not quite lengthy topic. I'll explain some of the things you can do with widgets here.

Some of these instructions below require the Widget Manager which hasn't been released yet, but others can be used with the database alone.

You can control the dock (e.g. footer, rightSidebar, etc.) a widget shows up in by modifying it's side field in the database or likely by dragging it around the screen in the upcoming Widget Manager.

I will have to note however that rightSidebar is currently represented in the database as right not rightSidebar, if you opt to do that.

You can also control which pages a widget shows up on via the location field in the database or by clicking the widget's name in the Widget Manager and changing the appropriate field.

There are several names you can use there like "frontend" which means anything not the control panel, "panel" which means it only shows up in the control panel, view_topic, etc.

You can say that it shows up everywhere but a certain location by putting ! in-front of it which means not. E.g. !view_topic.

You can also have a widget in a specific list of locations by separating the names with |. E.g. view_topic | forums for topics and the forum list.