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What is Gosora?

- General1665
Gosora is an ultra-fast modern forum software written in Go (Golang), it's not only far faster than many of our competitors, but it also has many of the modern features you've come to expect, and more (e.g. live alerts, live dashboard, etc.).

Our goal is to provide a highly scalable solution which can survive any weight thrown at it (given the right resources, of course if the load is really excessive), while not slacking in the slightest when it comes to functionality.

And while it's fast now, we plan to make it many times faster and more scalable in the future, so that it will be able to handle countless millions of users across many servers.

I'm also doing what I can to ensure that our plugins are also blazing fast, say goodbye to the old says of fifty plugins slowing down your side and having to play around with caches or other measures to grab back the slightest bit of speed and spending a ridiculous amount of money on a really powerful server you don't need.

Sound like you? Then, we're going to get along really well. One of the things I found over the years is that some of our competitors have terrible performance and terrible edge cases when you do something weird and all hell breaks loose.

Our goal is to flatten out the edge cases, making things predictable and to provide a blazing fast software with everything anyone else can provide, including the penultimate in customisability.

For more modern features you don't want like (the upcoming) live topics or live alerts? Turn them off. The power is in your hands, Gosora is simply an instrument of your will.
I saw your ad on FP and registered in less than 30 seconds of visiting. It reminds me of a cleaner version of Discourse for some reason. A much better version.

I wanted to make an account and keep up with development before installing a copy. This probably isn't safe for commercial use yet, right?

Will check back!
Welcome Budder. Thank you very much, it's good to know that you're so fond of it 😀

I try to keep Gosora relatively stable and easy to update, but there are likely some things you will probably want me to add before rolling it out into production (in other words, a public site).

There's a few bits and pieces of documentation which should tide you over in getting it set-up, but if you need any help, feel free to poke me.
This is EXTREMELY fast. Wow. I am currently on the brink of starting up a new niche community and am currently looking for forum software, Right now, I have ASMBB, Discourse, Vanilla & Flarum to choose from. Hmmm....
Thank you. And I'm not sure, it depends on what you want exactly.
Really fast software, I like it!

Will you focus only on software, or are there plans for CMS, photo albums, etc?
Really fast software, I like it!

Will you focus only on software, or are there plans for CMS, photo albums, etc?