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One of the things I've been working on in the last few weeks is view counters. Global counters, per-forum counters, per-route counters, and per-topic counters.

The ones which have been completed so far are the global and per-route counters, although I haven't started work on the Control Panel interface for them yet, so the only way to view these stats at the moment is via the viewchunks table.

As for forum and topic counters, I only began work on them this week, so they aren't anywhere near complete, but they shouldn't take that long to finish up. Maybe a week? The tricky part is not the counters themselves, but the way I buffer views to avoid hammering the database every request (something impossible with PHP), otherwise they'd be done by now.

I'm also touching up the profiles on Cosora, you might notice some dramatic changes to it over the next couple of days, so that reduces the amount of time I have to work on view counters, but it should only really be a week or so.
Added in per-topic view counters.

We now have global view counters, per-route view counters and per-topic view counters, although we don't have the UIs for them yet, those are still coming.
I've made a bit of progress over the past couple of weeks. For instance, I've added charts and other items to the Control Panel along with a time range filter.

In addition to that, we now track the user agents of the users who visit a Gosora instance to provide you with a nice graph including Googlebot. Per-forum view counters haven't been rolled out yet.
This is a "slightly" late update, but per-forum view counters were added. We also have counters which track which languages, operating systems, and user agents people use.

You can filter the graphs by quarter days, half days, full days, two days, weeks, and months.