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Just some basic rules, nothing over the top. While I'm generally for the practice of freedom of speech and freedom of expression in today's societies, within the limitations of the law, this really is not the place for anything that might disturb the public order.

Please use common sense, different people have different views on what is acceptable, but we should all have an idea of a common ground that is harmonious.

Please don't be mean or a jerk. Nor I or anyone else needs someone who is just here to stir up trouble or to vent their emotions in a negative fashion. If you're depressed, as some who vent sometimes claim to be, then please consider seeing a real therapist, I am extremely ill-equipped for handling such eventualities.

No NSFW content. E.g. Pornography, drugs (legal, obviously), etc. We don't want to get people in trouble, if they're accessing this site from a workplace or to offend people who may not desire to see such content here. It also avoids this site potentially getting delisted by search engines or running into trouble with upstream providers.

Don't say or do anything that may violate Canadian Law. This includes serious hate speech, although this is also covered to a major extent by "don't be a jerk" and follow "common sense".

I don't think I need to list anything else in particular.
Updated, although I likely don't need that clause, better to be on the safe side legally.