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Release Cycle [Draft]

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This document is subject to change 😛

I initially had a slightly more waterfall model in mind in the run up to Version 0.1 (it's closer than you think!), but I've re-evaluated my options and come up with a more flexible model which will allow me to get functionality out faster and collate feedback without compromising on stability.

After I get things stabilised after the great refactor, or at-least part of it, I'm going to roll out an alpha channel which stable features get pushed to, while master will remain the wild west where a revision might be stable (it's actually surprisingly stable much of the time, except for some occasions where I'm rewriting a component) some of the time and hideously broken the other.

As those features further mature, I'll sooner or later add a beta channel which will have the goal of being production stable. And a release channel above it which accepts features from the beta channel and is based on time rather than stability to give you a predictable upgrade cycle.

On Github, these channels will come in the form of branches and you will have to adjust your git clones or other commands to pull from a branch instead of master. I'll add instructions on how to do so when the time comes.