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Profile Fields?

- Articles777
I can guess what you're thinking.

Where are the profile fields?

How will we gather demographic information on users?
We want it to be easier for users to share information with each other.

I've left these out. Deliberately.

I'm unsure as to my stance in the future, but I feel that these things could be better served by plugins as they constitute a big invasion of privacy and a lot of this information is personal information making you far more liable during data breaches (although, we're doing everything we can to prevent these on Gosora's end).

Forums really don't need to know someone's gender, age, physical location or their personal Skype account. And quite frankly, the only real use for gender and age is for analytics or for a user / administrator to use against you.

They're not entirely useless in the context of getting to know someone, but I don't need to put them up on the wall to show them off either. And if you must filter out under 18s, then put a clause on your ToS without logging their personal information.

I'm not entirely opposed to an "introduce yourself" with free-flowing text as it allows users to casually type up what they want, but the systematic collection of data is problematic and pulls up far more data as users see those fields and just feel like completing them all.