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Politics and Political Headwinds

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Regretfully, Gosora Project has gotten involved in a lot more politics than we would have liked, but we currently exist in a political climate which threatens our planned projects (like optional end-to-end encryption for private messages, I would have to figure out whether we want that on every install), and the freedom of expression of our users / potential users / partners.

Now, I don't know how popular the political posts are, so I will allow you to "have your say" or "exercise your free speech" into whether we should delve into civil liberties matters more or less. I have plans to cut down on them, as they distract from the primary aims of the project, which is to deliver a fast, private, and somewhat reasonable forum software to you.

Apart from that, we need to advocate for the rights of small business and hobbyists. These are in fact precisely the sort of users who would use Gosora, and we have to make sure you're not hassled by burdensome legislation, which do nothing, but create needless red tape for you. But, I don't really know the best way to mix that in, so I'll ask for feedback on that area.

In a more ideal world, we would leave this all for other groups to deal with, but this isn't really an ideal world. A lot of regulation is heading our way in the form of the Digital Services Act, and it is important that we "have our say" on it. The E.U. has opened public consultations for feedback on this in the past.