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Personal Privacy Tips

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Nothing exciting here for Gosora, just some little tips to try to keep your privacy in one piece while using the web (although, nothing is perfect, the tech giants have all sorts of ways of identifying what you're doing x.x)

Use disposable emails for sites. Or at the very least, use something other than your primary email. Avoid using any email that you use for social media, banks, etc.

Use a tracker blocker of some sort. Disabling JavaScript is more effective, but it is likely to break a lot of sites. I avoid running any sort of third party script on here to avoid leaking data, although I do plan to add a user preference to disable YT videos which might potentially leak data.

Use incognito / privacy mode in your browser. Your ISP will still know what you're doing, but this mode has a few features in place to make fingerprinting just a teeny bit harder. It also doesn't store the pages you go to on your computer, which might be useful against nosey relatives.

Change your DNS provider to something other than your default one. Cloudflare's DNS and Google's DNS are possible options. This is particularly important if you're connecting to networks on the go. Firefox may already do this for in certain regions / developer builds.

Use a search engine like Duckduckgo instead of Google, although it may not be as good at finding what you want.

Maybe Tor, if you're really concerned about privacy, although there may be some attacks involving neural nets which might give someone clues as to what site you're visiting. It is still better than anything else. See: https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.02265

Avoid using Windows 10 and use Firefox instead of Chrome..

Avoid giving sites your phone number, age, gender, occupation or other bits of personal data. It will come to bite you, even if you think it is "private", and even when you think it is "semi-public", it doesn't mean that someone can't mine the data and use it to track you down or for marketing / advertising purposes.

If you must do it, provide it in an unstructured manner that is difficult to parse. E.g. Writing "I am 34" in a post instead of putting a number into a form that ends up being presented on a profile.

I'll update this post as I discover more tips and tricks.