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Periodic Log Clearing

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We likely want Gosora to clear it's logs whenever possible (e.g. when the permissions the process is granted is sufficient for deleting a specific log file).

This shouldn't really be a problem for request logs as they're always created by Gosora, although some start-up logs may be written to as root, if the software is not properly setup, thus preventing Gosora from deleting them.

Luckily, the biggest concern here is requests as these logs can leak a fair bit more personal data than I'm comfortable holding onto for long periods of time and the others can be addressed more completely at a later date.

This will also help admins be more compliant with various privacy legislation like the ones going through the US, the GDPR, etc. without as much fiddling around on the admin's part.

Please note that there's nothing Gosora can do about logs kept by other subsystems, if such logging is setup. E.g. if a reverse-proxy is setup in-front of it.