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Peeks at Nox

- General1048
As you may already be aware, Nox is the latest major theme which will be bundled in all installations of Gosora, together with Tempra Simple, Shadow, and Cosora.

Tempra Conflux is still there behind a flag (HideFromThemes setting in it's theme.json), but there's a good chance that it'll be done away with after v0.1.

Nox is still under heavy construction, but I think we can get a few more glimpses at it, I do intend to change up the Control Panel though.


You can reorder menu items by dragging them around, I'll probably adopt something like the bulk moderation tool to make this more obvious.

Aria is basically a piece of descriptive text which is read aloud by a screenreader. It's for those with impaired vision or blindness.

Anything with {lang. is basically pulling the phrase out of a language pack. You can use regular text instead, if you aren't worried about multiple languages like I am.