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Patch 27

- Updates1627
Another one!

I've done a fair bit in this patch:

Administrator Action Logs.

Simple Spoilers.

Blocked users can't post on the blocker's profile anymore.

Various bits of code have been fixed or cleaned up.

A few optimisations have been made, for instance, block queries are no longer run for guests on profiles.

Some additional information has been added to the installation guide and some bits fixed.

Changing themes works without JavaScript now.

A number of bugs have been fixed.

A few new test cases have been added.

Attachment image uploading is now more privacy friendly. More coming up in this space.

PNG Avatars should no longer lose their transparency after being uploaded. More may need to be done here to make them look nicer.

Reduced the amount of boilerplate in the generated router and a bunch of other places.

Added support for optional emails. The admin can configure whether they want this or not.

Fix an issue with how avatars are positioned in posts by using <img> instead of a background.

Link to the avatar from profiles to see a full size version.

Add the undocumented "ko" flag to disable on-the-spot image encoding.

Add support for the .jfif, .jpe, .jif, .jfi, .tiff, .zipx, .kgb, .pea, .xz and .zz file extensions.

Expand Content Security Policy Header coverage to the Control Panel.

Add the SslSchema config setting for reverse-proxies which terminate SSL / TLS.

Don't show a user's email address in the User Editor until the admin exposes it by clicking on Show Email.

Gosora now requires Go 1.12 or higher, it may not compile otherwise.

This patch adds the extra column to the moderation_logs and administration_logs tables.

You will need to run the patcher or updater after updating to the latest commit.