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Patch 21

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Good evening / Boa noite / こんばんは.

I've spent the past day or two implementing a few things.

They are:

* Active memory. See: https://gosora-project.com/topic/memory-usage-chart.104#post-117

* Periodic IP purges for posts. Topics, replies, and profile replies have their IP metadata stripped once they pass 180 days in age. This can be configured with PostIPCutoff in config.json

See: https://github.com/Azareal/Gosora/blob/master/docs/configuration.md

* Automated tests for Go 1.12. We already run tests on Go 1.11 and master, but we wanted to cover all our bases by automatically running them on Go 1.12 as-well on every commit.

* A simple key-value store for internal use. This currently used to co-ordinate daily tasks in environments where Gosora goes down a lot (perhaps for updates), but can also be used by plugins, if they so wish.

* More data is stored now for activity events to help with future optimisations.