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Patch 16

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I've made quite a few changes to Gosora over the last week including:

Open Graph Descriptions - This is a nifty little meta tag whose contents appear in little snippets whenever a link is dropped into Discord, Facebook or Twitter, so that people can get an idea of what to expect before clicking through.

Analytics Improvements - You can now see time ranges upto a year in the analytics lists and graphs. And I've also added multi-series charts, so you can pore through the top ten sources for a particular pane far more easily.



Nox - The Nox Theme can almost be considered complete now that I've added support for notices, parent forums in the topic list, etc. although there are still a few rough edges to round out first.

As always, you can play with other themes via the theme selector at the bottom of the page.

Client Templates - Client templates can now have their templates overriden and they load earlier so users can get a far snappier experience when using an interface that uses one.

WebSockets - Stale connections will be cleaned up far more readily now preventing the perpetually online bug and they should be far less buggy.

Favicons - You can now set favicons. You can do this by putting a favicon.ico file in the /public/ folder and it will magically get mapped to /favicon.ico instead of /static/favicon.ico like the other files in there.

Google Site Verification - You can now set your Google Site Verification tokens for Webmaster Tools via the Setting Manager instead of having to override header.html

I have also made a number of bug fixes, but there are too many to list here.
As for the changes to the database, I've simply added the google_site_verify entry to the settings table.

For more details: