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Patch 15

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Patch 15 contains a rudimentary search system and thus completes the basic version of the eventual Search and Filter Widget intended to make navigation far easier than before.

I've also expanded the time range in which you can look up data in the analytics panel, added the DotBot and SemrushBot to the user agent listings and fixed some bugs like one which would cause Gosora to crash whenever someone used the inline forum editor.

If you've been keeping a close eye on Github, then you'll probably also have noticed that I've added https://github.com/Azareal/Gosora/blob/master/docs/configuration.md to help people who are having trouble configuring their configuration files.

We used to have a bunch of comments and what-not to explain every bit of it, but that all went when we switched from the config.go format to the config.json one.

I've also added some notes on stting HTTPS in installation.md, it's in the same /docs/ folder, so it should be easy to find along with the other items or simply jump to them via README.md

Among other things, we also use EasyJSON now to make JSON serialisation even faster than it was before and with less garbage for the garbage collector to handle.

Also, as I didn't want the paginators for the forum and topics list to fall too behind the speeds of the Search and Filter Widget, they now use AJAX to speed things up a little.

This may be expanded to the rest of the software in the near future, although some prerequisites will have to be met first.
And we also expanded on the behaviour of the paginators, although haven't quite finished localising them by letting users jump to the first and last pages directly.

I have also added a variant of the Online Users Widget known as the Online Users Context Widget which allows you to see the other people currently viewing a topic with you. Like all widgets, this can be added or removed by administrators.

I also somewhat embarrasedly realised that the Live Topic List is broken and fixed that. It should now work once more.

There are other changes too and to see them in their full "glory", please follow these links:





The patch itself adds the title and content fulltext indices to the topics table and the content fulltext index for the replies table.