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Patch 14

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Patch 14 is slightly premature, as it still contains a few in-progress features, but it should for the most part be more functional rather than less.

The main reason I pushed it quickly is for security reasons, the security issue itself wasn't major, but I like to keep a habit of pushing security fixes out as fast as it practically possible than risk complications.

The security issue being that if you create a widget which contains sensitive information like passwords and zone it so that it only appears in a priviledged area, then there's a possibility it might leak via error pages as they previously didn't have their own widget zone and just used the parent route's which obviously a no-go.

Now for Patch 14 itself. I have implemented parts of the Widget Management UI including the abilities to create widgets, delete them, edit them, etc. but not the ability to reorder them (yet) and there are some minor visual bugs in some cases.

I have also implemented the Online Users widget which shows which users are currently online and a number when the number of users is over thirty to avoid bloating pages, creating internal bottlenecks and overwhelming users.

Unlike classical Who's Online features in competing software, it does not show the user's IP to anyone including moderators, which page/s they're currently viewing or historical information on that user's movements on the site.

The actual patch that is Patch 14 adds a wid column to the widgets table, as it's a little difficult to manage widgets effectively without a primary key to work off.

Patch 14 also has a big rewrite of the widget system, large refactors across several subsystems, in-progress implements of the Search and Filter Widget, Online Users Context widgets and more.

You can find the full changelog at:

I fixed a little bug in a follow-up patch which prevented uninitialised widget docks from showing up in the Widget Manager (widget docks without any items in them).

I have also added the Online Users Context Widget.

Here's a screenshot of the Widget Manager, if you're curious: