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Nox Theme

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The next major theme after Cosora, although it'll exist in harmony with it for a time.

It's currently under heavy development and is dramatically changing all the time, however it features a revamped Control Panel, a more personalised menu, faster load times, fewer strange UI bugs, and continues the legacy of dark themes which Shadow started.

I'll likely be posting pictures here soon, so watch this space over the coming month.
Progress continues to be made, we might nearly be at the point where I'm comfortable posting pictures of it.

You can try it out my flipping the HideFromThemes flag in it's theme.json, but do bear in mind that it's extremely experimental and is subject to dramatic changes at any moment, it's appearance now is not representative of it's final appearance.
Oops, slightly slow, but you can try Nox out here by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting it in the drop-down. It's under construction though, so it may change significantly in the coming weeks.