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New Configuration File

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The next commit or the one after may contain some changes which can't be automatically resolved by the update script or patcher, even if I could do it, the patcher would silently break in the future causing woe.

I'll see what I can do to alleviate this, maybe a config file generator. The source of this is that I'm trying to move the config file from Go to JSON to make it more flexible.

The setting names / values will stay largely the same, so you should be able to simply copy-paste things over, but that might be a bit of a curve, if you've never dealt with a config file before.

I'll be adding some documentation to better help you with that and dealing with the configuration file in general.

Also, DefaultRoute will be no more, you will have to use DefaultPath instead to override the landing page (aka /), this is a more flexible setting which will allow you to point that to any route (e.g. a custom page explaining the purpose of the site, a topic list, or perhaps even a forum list).

If this feature sounds familiar, that is because it is, however it was only limited to the forum list, topic list, and a certain small handful of routes, as opposed to all of them now.
The commit has been pushed. You might want to create a copy of the config_example.json (name it config.json), open it and config.go side-by-side, and copy over your customised rules.