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Memory Usage Chart

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I've added an analytics pane which shows you how much memory the Gosora process has used. You can use the time range filter to control which time range you want to get data from, options include six hours, twelve hours, one day and two days.

Time ranges above two days may not function properly.



Alright, I did a bit more work on this:

The data should be properly averaged out now, so "memory usage" will likely be halved.

The higher time ranges should also work now rather than spewing out useless gibberish.

You should also see the correct phrases in the right places now.

I've stripped out some of the superfluous labels to make the charts look a little cleaner.
Added the active memory analytics pane.

The difference between this and memory usage is this measures the amount of memory which is actually in use by the heap and stack, while the other measures the total amount of memory that Go has requested from the operating system.

Why is there such a big difference between the two? Go tends to keep a memory buffer to avoid requesting memory from the OS more than it needs to, as this takes a fair bit of time.
You can now filter the active memory chart by where it's being used somewhat.

* Total shows the total amount of memory being used.

* Heap shows the amount of memory being used by the heap.

* Stack shows the amount of memory being used by the stack.

This is still a little overly technical and I'm brainstorming ideas on how to make it easier to digest.