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Known Issues

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This one is more for me than for you, but it's a few issues which I'd like to highlight at the moment, don't worry, they'll all be resolved sooner or later.

Firstly, there's updating per-forum presets (not forum-group presets). That doesn't work. And when I say that it doesn't work, I mean that it'll make Gosora crash and burn and you'll have to restart the entire instance. While I could stop it from crashing, it still won't update the presets and it'll involve changes to the database adapter, so I'm putting it off for now.

SEO. While we use techniques like Microdata to aid discoverability, Google takes a while to update it's indices and certain pages like the topics page has a lot of noise and Google doesn't quite know what to make of it, so we're going to use a few tricks to help Googlebot understand what's going on here as it sees all these random words everywhere and is all confused as to what is going on.

Harmonising the themes. Some themes have more functionality than others and while I've taken steps to remedy that, there's still a few places where this problem is still present. For instance, Tempra Simple is the only theme where you can fully manage forums. And Cosora still doesn't have alerts.

WYSIWYG. The editor acts up every now and then, you can usually fix your posts up with a quick edit, it's usually just HTML which shouldn't be there or too many or too few lines. I plan to fix this and have already taken some steps to mitigate the problem.
The forum editor problem has been resolved, so I've removed that from the list.

I've also clarified the preset issue slightly.