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Just a few things to note before asking

- Support2498
I'm usually fairly happy to help anyone who needs help setting up Gosora or who have run into one problem or another, so just drop down a topic whenever.

I might not always be too quick to respond however, so you might want to poke around on your own in the code or on Google to figure certain things out.

If you do figure something out on your own after opening a topic, then please say how you resolved your problem, so other people can benefit!

Also, please note that support is given on a volunteer basis and that we are under no legal obligation to do so and commitments come up all the time.

The number of volunteers may increase and decrease as time goes by and that is totally alright. Anyone who becomes abusive will be immediately banned.

And while this isn't mandatory, please try to maintain some semblence of politeness and professionalism here.

I will also note that while you can theoretically deploy Gosora on a shared host, I would advice for you to go for the recommended solutions and that support may be lacking if you step off the beaten track onto something exotic.

Thank you for reading, happy foruming 😀