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HTTP/3 Support

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It would be nice, if we could get support for HTTP/3 in.

HTTP/3 (formerly known as HTTP over QUIC) would help to cut the number of round trips to initialise a connection which is something good for mobile and users who are geographically dinstant from the server (Australia, India and maybe Asia would benefit for servers based in the US).

It also allows for connections to be resumed, if they drop, even if the IP changes. This is particularly useful for mobile users.

There are some other benefits too which should help throughput and what-not.

There's a library for Go, which should get us going immediately with versions supported by Chrome, although some of the newer specs aren't supported by it, however they're not supported by any browser, so that doesn't really matter.

I'm punting this down the road a little rather than doing it immediately, as it involves running an extra listener on an extra port and there are other performance features which should get us bigger immediate gains.

Even if I added it, we would still need to wait for CDNs like Cloudflare to add support for it for it to be really benefit a lot of sites, but I still think it would be a good feature.

If you particularly want this feature, then give it your support below. You can do this with other features too, rationale of why and how it might help you will be particularly helpful.