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Deployment Method Plans

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One thing I mulled over was deployment methods, there are a whole myriad of them whether it's the standard slapping down a service and binding to a port or one of the more trendy options like Docker which look to scale large scale systems.

Docker in particular has come up a few times, although the time sink to fully research it, implement it, document it, etc. is fairly significant and we haven't quite finished up the addition of systemd services as a way to simplify administration yet.

In addition, managing containers will require a degree of tooling we don't currently have, although we have a barebones Dockerfile at https://github.com/Azareal/gosora-docker for the more adventurous.

It might be a powerful tool, but I'd like to see how much interest there is in it first, and if any from prospective users, it will likely be deferred to v0.2 (Q4 2018) or v0.3 (Q2 2019).
This feature is being tracked at: https://github.com/Azareal/Gosora/issues/40
Something to note is that Docker may allow us to make use of Lilliput which is a image resizer which is both faster and covers a greater number of image formats than our current image resizer does.

It would also allow us use Brotli which is a new compression algorithm that has a far better compression ratio than Gzip while beating it in performance.

It has a fairly complicated build process for Go, but we could abstract that away from the administrator with a container.