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Customising Ranks

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You can customise the names of the ranks shown under the usernames fairly easily via language strings.

First, you will want to consult https://github.com/Azareal/Gosora/blob/master/docs/internationalisation.md for basic knowledge on creating a new language file, etc.

And then, you will want to open up your newly made language file (most likely with a _custom somewhere in there, to make it easier to separate site specific phrases) in some sort of code editor.

Near the top, you should find:

"Levels": {
"Level": "<\span class='level_hideable'>Level </\span>{0}",
"LevelMax": ""

Normally, you would localise the word "Level" and the number, however you can actually override levels individually.

For instance, you can do:

"Levels": {
"Level": "<\span class='level_hideable'>Level </\span>{0}",
"Levels":["F Rank","E Rank","D Rank","C Rank","B Rank","A Rank","S Rank","SS Rank","SSS Rank"],
"LevelMax": "Dragon"

LevelMax refers to anything above the highest level.