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Cheap VPS for Gosora

- Support887
Do you know any good cheap VPS I can buy so I can run Gosora smoothly?
One admin I know recommended OVH to me before as a good dedicated server host, I'm not quite sure how great their VPS' are, but they're largely good enough, although they don't come with all the bells and whistles one might expect from a VPS.

There is also DigitalOcean which is a very popular VPS host among programmers, it's a bit more pricey however.

There are some others too, but their names escape me right now.
I'm using a shared hosting at the moment. HawkHost to be exact. Can I run Gosora there?
In theory, although it might be a little tricky.

Do you have SSH on that shared host?
I pondered over the best way to get things going on a shared host however...

I really would recommend using a VPS, not only is it much more secure than a shared host, but it will be fifty times easier to set things up on and maintain and it would only cost an extra dollar a month.

Even when you use shared hosts for what they're intended for, they still often run into all sorts of security issues.
Perhaps, even running Gosora as root would be more secure (this used to be a really easy way to run Gosora, but I hid it away for security reasons).