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Applications for Moderators

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Applications for volunteer moderators across my chats and Gosora's properties have been opened. There are two types of moderators. Half-mods who can physically remove someone from the premises. And full mods who can also ban them. Kicked users may additionally be banned upon higher level review.

We don't currently have a great need for moderators, but we may in the future, particularly for the more scarcely moderated parts of Gosora's properties.

Our culture is such that we are extremely casual, easy-going, may engage in controversial discussion, and ascribe to Linus Torvald's ideology of "showing up in a bathrobe rather than a suit". We do not ascribe to telling Mauro to "shut the fuck up" however. Please don't be a jerk to other people in any case, and if you're an authoritarian who likes to micro-manage people, you might be removed.

If you believe in tough on crime initiatives or censorship, you might find it awkward to fit in. Bonus points, if you are an anime fan, not that there is anything wrong with not being one, but most people here are. If you're really right, the left folks might drive you crazy. If you're a hardcore communist, talk of the free market from the right might drive you crazy.