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"Add new poll option" confusion

- Support949
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ummm... I didn't add any poll options & the poll was created with blank options.
I was trying to say that the placeholder text should change on the options because they all say "add new poll option" but only the last field auto-adds a new field under it.

Also, it seems the poll was empty but still posted AND my thread topic was removed & posted blank
I've fixed the bugs where the OP gets blanked and polls get posted without any options.
Unfortunately the homepage now says "You don't have access to any forums.", but I can still view threads via notifications. This might be a permission issue.

I also have noticed that the last post remains the same for a forum listing even if the thread is removed. This thread here for example was moved to Support, but still shows as last post in the original section (sorry about that by the way)

Obviously if this reply goes through it means that although my forum view permissions are *for whatever reason* revoked, I can still reply.